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EOE (Apirl 28 1986 / Otukpo)


Look at them with hungry
written all over their faces,
waiting to feed on me.
Each step i take for them
is a taboo.When sleeping
their prayers is that i never
wake up, but they are not
God so am still breathin.
ha haa hatersss.

When am eating, like a lion
monitoring his prey, they pray
that the food will choke me
to death. They are waitin to
tell the story of how i fall from
the top, ha ha haaa look at
me am till on top of my game,
ride like there is no tomorrow.
Don't be mad cos you are seein
my success like a tears drop,
hey is God doing.
Haa haa hatersss.

These people did not want
me to shine, but look they are
not seein anything apart from
my light shining at their faces
like torch light. See am shining
without diamond imagine that.
Why mad at me? is it because
you can't get it the way i got it?
just pray that God give you
yours and stop hateing.... Anybody
God made a king no one can
take the crown off him, so he
made me one.
Haa haaa hatersss.

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yeap thats also another true poem showing te true colour of the world we live in.u re practiclly a natural poet and i assure u that u re endowned.thaks to u my friend.