Haters are opposite of motivaters
A Hater prentends to like you
But talk behind you back too

They smile in your face
But they are after your man, like they are on a high speed chase
Oh yeah! , they speak and say their few words and tell you 'Hi! '
At the same time they are telling your mate to tell you 'Goodbye! '

If you have something they like, they won; t give you a compliment, they will just say 'Where you get that from
So they can go get them some

Then they will also try to out do you
If it's only tying a shoe
A Hater will try their best to put you down
But you haev to rember you're the queen/king you're wearing the crown

Haters have a very low self-esteem
Cause they always playin hattin and being so mean
If you do something better than them
It will hurt them to their weakest limb

So, don't let them haters put you down
Cause you know they jelous, they just want to be you
Remember, you are who, they want to be

Take advantage, show them how good it is to be you
Cause you are beautiful
Make one of your haters a forgiver
Not a mate stiller


by Renna Green

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