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HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))


The pain won't go away
It doesn't matter what people say.
I thought things would get easier given time
But I am still walking this painfull line.

Things that happened some time ago
But my mind finds it hard to let go.
People trying to help me
But they don't understand what I see.

I should be able to move on
I have top remain brave and strong.
I wish the nightmare would end
I'm always trying to defend.

I'm hurting so much
Even from a gentle touch.
Everything getting on top of me
I feel like I'm acting so foolishly.

I'm broken inside
True feelings are hard to hide.
I'm trying my best to break through
Pretending that I'm someone new.

But deep inside I'm still that vulnerable girl
Stuck with memories that make my toes curl.
Still feeling afriad
Regreting decisions I made.

Why do I still let this bother me?
All I want is to break away free.
I wish I could leave this behind
Bury it feep, somewhere I can't find/

Maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself?
And all this stress is causing deterioration of my health.
Will this always haunt me?
Will I ever get the chance to be truly happy?

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A fantastically honest poem! Very well done! Bravo!