Poem By Theresa Ann Moore

Silence can summon memories that still cling.
It can cause my closed eyes to tearfully sting.
How can nothingness make vivid images appear?
Waking my unconscious mind like a bombardier.

From the stillness, your voice gives a clear overview.
Sorry for pain I put you through; I really did love you.
For a fleeting moment, I visualize a smile on your face.
As I stare into darkness, there is only an empty embrace.

Comments about Haunted

Very poignant and piercing to the heart. The title is 'it'. I was left with that haunting feeling. Here is a quotation from Thomas Merton, from his book, 'Seed of Contemplation', which is worth meditating. 'Life in this world is full of pain. But pain which is the contrary of pleasure, is not necessarily the contrary of happines or joy.' Another one from William Blake, 'Several Questions Answered': '....he who kisses the joy as it flies lives in eternity's sunrise.'
Ok now I remember. Wow again because I just did a short form last night that echos the rest of your poem.: O)
Wow, I feel the pain I feel the same
'As I stare into darkness, there is only an empty embrace.' - liked thias line

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