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Go ahead and push me down,
We are just two kids in this sleepy old town
Please tell me this wasn’t in your vision.
The police will be on you within the hour.
Is this how you get your pleasure, as I cower?
You throw me into a another position
And I begin to cry,
But you simply sigh
When will it end,
When will enough be enough.
Because baby I’m not so tough.
What happened to you my friend?
I once loved your laugh and sweet smile,
But now you are nothing but a liar.
My cheeks are stained from all my tears.
It would seem like you don’t even care.
And no baby it is not fair.
Congratulations you got me to live in constant fear.
Is this what you wanted?
You swear to me that you are haunted.
but God damn this ground is cold
And sorry is all you can say.
Well screw this I don’t want to play.
You are lucky I never told.
What the hell don’t you get?
I’m not your punching bag to hit.
So go ahead and throw me to the ground
Don’t worry about all my pain,
It won’t be lying hard on my brain
You will see, it will all come right back around.

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you expressed yourself so well, and no, dont ever be anyone's pb.