Haunted By Kevin's Memory

She did not fit in before he came along,
She always seemed so alone and withdrawn;
He put her at ease, the perfect gentleman,
Made her life complete when he took her hand. They dated often throughout high school,
Being known as a couple was really "cool",
When he went off to college, they drifted apart,
She saw other guys, but kept him in her heart. They had made plans to start dating again,
At a Christmas party for all their good friends;
She was so excited, "Mom," she said,
"This time I know Kevin and I will wed!" Soon she learned of his death, and suffered such pain,
As over and over, she screamed out his name
Has it been fifteen years? Time goes dragging by,
Yet, she speaks of him fondly with tears in her eyes. Yes, she's haunted today by a memory,
Of a boy in a grave in a cemetery;
For the rest of her life, she'll love Kevin still,
And she admits freely that she always will.

by Carolyn Rebecca Cauthen


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