! The Lake, The Fountain

by the lake so still so calm
sky-blue cloud-white
more sky than water this autumn day
the air so still above

there a tree leans over the water
as if in thanks
and here a gathering of stones
awaits the offhand lapping of the wavelets
bringing out the many colours of the stones
that remember mountains edging the horizon
with light and shadow through the day

over there a fountain plashes over worn carved stone
fed by a mountain waterfall wild fountain tamed
throwing up a million new-mined diamonds
droplets sparkling like a chandelier
the sun catches turning air and water
into unceasing dance of somehow joy

the still lake the dancing fountain
telling with water two stories
stillness in joy
joy in stillness

as two white-robed nuns who whisper laughing
laughing whisper
in the cool of the evening
beside the fountain
before prayer
and holy silence

by Michael Shepherd

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