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Haunting Memories
TTO ( / Washington State)

Haunting Memories

Remembrance of your sweet lips

As sentiments, they go
Wind 'round my day dream day
Just like, a picture show

Your kisses were as magic

Raised my body heat so high
Leaving me scorching, inside
So hot, i thought, i would die

Un-requited after getting me there

No reason, no rhyme
Just a tease and a taunt
Why it outta, be a crime!

But, i still remember your kiss

Sharon Noelle, she knows it now
In a parallel universe, you haunt
And then you take your bow

You will not be happy til'

You've turned me to Stone
Dark-Sided Romeo of yesterday
Can you, just leave me alone?

Dedicated to: My Girlfriend and
He ex-boyfriend
Who she would love
To Erase From
Her Life

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Daniel, about two years ago, there was another Daniel R, who was a very gifted poet on this site. he wrote and was also a painter! Went by the name Hombre' Think he lived in Wisconsin, or Illinois. Thank you, young man, for your kind words! Theo
Great romance peom..Memories ae soemtimes rather haunting....Keep up the good work theodora! ! ! ! ! !