AO (8/1/88 / Mission Viejo)

Have A Coke And Smile

Because I’m just as happy
Like a dog playing with his owner
Or like a little girl playing in the pool
...somewhat like it
And my joy is just a huge as the sun
Or maybe even bigger.

I wish happiness is just as contagious
As yawning.

Kindness is somewhat there
But they won’t last into happiness.

I don’t drink much soda
But my shirt tells me to
Have a coke and smile.

When's the last time you've ever been this happy?
I don’t think any feeling
Can feel just as good
As a happy feeling,
Sugar has never tasted so good...

Shake up the soda and watch it rise to top,
Miss Little Cream Soda

by Angelica Ortiz

Comments (2)

this was fun poem and a great read. Hugs Coreena
A spontaneous write! lovely thought! good job! loved this!