AO (8/1/88 / Mission Viejo)

Have A Coke And Smile

Because I’m just as happy
Like a dog playing with his owner
Or like a little girl playing in the pool
...somewhat like it
And my joy is just a huge as the sun
Or maybe even bigger.

I wish happiness is just as contagious
As yawning.

Kindness is somewhat there
But they won’t last into happiness.

I don’t drink much soda
But my shirt tells me to
Have a coke and smile.

When's the last time you've ever been this happy?
I don’t think any feeling
Can feel just as good
As a happy feeling,
Sugar has never tasted so good...

Shake up the soda and watch it rise to top,
Miss Little Cream Soda

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Comments (2)

this was fun poem and a great read. Hugs Coreena
A spontaneous write! lovely thought! good job! loved this!