JL (March 19,1994 / California)

Have A Laugh

my worry bites with pure precision
something fights my indecision
I’d hate the day you’d set me free
I’d wait a lifetime for you and me

how a smile despises these empty rooms
a new sun rises, a new love blooms
your spirit cries to not be held down
in all the times I come around

I play your song now twice a day
the hours long with nothing to say
just distant laughter to make me feel sick
for days it’s happened, I still bite my lip

a dream, a spark, an inspiration
a mind, a heart, no hesitation
until you break a promise you made
until you take me, I am unafraid

late afternoon, I question this
how soon a friend can call it quits
how a treasured moment disappears
how measured joy will turn to tears

we can’t give up in such short time
we must live up to what’s yours and mine
we’ll split the whole world right in half
we’ll quit the confrontations and have a laugh
have a laugh

because it’s so rare these days
I know it pays
to just sit back
and have a laugh
and write a song for someone you don’t know

winter strikes with pure precision
and no one likes a hard decision
but I will make one for you and I
have a laugh
please don’t cry

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