Have Cold! What To Do?

Annoying, disgusting,
Leaking nose,
Eyes burning,
No able to concentrate,
What a pity?
Kerchief gets wet,
Change that,
Smelt Jasmine flowers.
Took a few coriander seeds,
Smelt coconut oil mixed
With camphor.
OH! What a relief I got.
I am now able to
Pen this poem.
I wish even my enemy
If there is one,
Must not get cold.
Why Did I get this?
Is it because,
I drank the cold water
Right from the fridge.
I drank water
Adding the ice cubes.
Or I ate a hot thing
And followed by a cool
Leaky nose is
Like a pest,
Not allowing to
Think of anything
I am afraid,
I may donate
Cold to someone.
I stay aloof.

by gnrao rao

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Thanks for your kind comments and appreciation.
Ow! How nicely you have inscribed this poem on cold having the causes and remedies. All lines are interesting to read. Through cold you have caught a beautiful bard. Thank u dear Gnrao, keep the ball rolling....10