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Have Faith
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Have Faith

Poem By Anjali Mandokhot

Have faith! But not to touch it
Not to hold it like I hold this pen-
Just have faith-
Even amidst the treason
Even amidst the doubt
Even in the face of that glaring question
'Does he really exists? '
Have Faith!

Have Faith! Thats the only answer
The end of every discussion over it
Just have faith-
It was never proved and established,
It will never be proved and established
It won't ever become a fact
That is why they say-
Have faith.

Have faith its not a dogma
Live it as a way of life not rituals
Just have faith-
Its a life long struggle to assert it
Its an unquenched thirst to believe in it
Its an unending search of a bodyless soul
Will always remain unsatisfied so-
Have faith!

Have faith but don't renounce for it
Instead endeavor to achieve and-
Just have faith-
That the endeavors will be successful
That they will breed more dreams to chase
That achieving is also a faith
But does not require conquering
Have faith!

Have Faith but not to fight atheism
That again is another face of faith
Just have faith-
To believe that the Ideal exists
To follow the Ideal, not to preach
To emulate the Ideal to the nearest possible
That is the purpose of all faiths
So have faith!

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Comments (8)

beautiful, and FAITHful- i think i shall! thanks! ! ! !
My belief in faith is strengthened by your poem 'Faith'. Regards, Venkataramana
Have faith and search the god within you the Geetha Says.....good poem
Have faith but in yourself be sure you wil find you own way to the final destination.No need for priests or soothsayers
It is by Providence that some questions are left unanswered to give room for faith to be exercised. Some things are meant to be experienced more than explained. Faith is one of those. Excellent poem.