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Have Fun, Sing Along
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Have Fun, Sing Along

Poem By Syed Karim

Have fun sing along, enjoy life all the way
Hurt no one be kind watch what you say
Life is precious, it is a gift
Touch others who are down, help and uplift
Life is on borrowed time do not waste
Share it, enjoy it, do not haste
You have one life, one mind, one soul
Invest in dreams, objective and goal
Walk bare feet, smell the rose chase the butterfly
Hug others shake hands with the passer by
Bring Sun shine inside in your heart
Be a child, why not, go ahead play with dirt
Collect prayers, worldly matters come and go
But friends will stay with you, you need to know
You are passing through, soon you will pass on
Make time, look at the stars, Moon or the golden Sun at dawn
We are here for a short time, shortet than you think
Floating like bubbles in air, gone in a blink
So have fun, share it, chase the rainbow in the sky
Make the time, share the time, stop for a moment and say Hi

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Comments (2)

Very good poem! Nicely stated as well. Great job on this poem. Gotta give you a 10 for sure Syed! Always, Linda
Syed - Kickass Poetry!