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Have I Gone As Far As My Heart Can Go

Have I Gone As Far As My Heart Can Go

Have I gone as far as my heart can go

Is this all I have left to show

Will the day ever come to be

That through these eyes I will see

Forgiveness and mercy divine

And love that can outshine

Barriers and walls

Will fall


...Have I gone as far as my heart can go

16 Sept 2007

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Jo Ann...Although youmay feel differently at the moment of you reading this...I am convinced that you have yet to tap the core of your Heart, and its many arteries. I say this based soley on a ultra-gifted woman who has been dealt a very special gift....to be able to express herself through the written word, and someone who has touched so many people in the process through her skills as a writer, a reader & a friend...You owe it to all of us to kick it up a notch...But more importantly, you owe it to yourself to explore just how deep your Heart really goes... i like this piece a lot...And it symbolizes how much passion & Heart you must still have in you. ~ FjR ~
JoAnn, It's time you put this sadness away, has david said rise again thats what i wish for you my friend...10
JoAnn, I think you have fallen too far as it is and now is the time you started getting back up again. Your friend are here to take your hand and help you through. Lovely poem my friend ten from and thanks for sharing it. Dodgy Dave