Have It Your Way

With the black skinny jeans and the diamond earing,
I see the way you want me.
You constantly want to touch me
and redundantly ask me deep questions
Do you really expect me to answer that?
You claim to your friends that you still have feelings for you ex, my best friend
yet, you're in the background trying to get with me..
Honey, sorry to say, but that's not the way I roll.
You told me you always get your way
but I know you are only trying to play with my head.
I remind you to never underestimate my abilities
but you are still smiling in front of me saying,
'I always get my way'

With the money and the noisy ears,
I see the way you want me.
You follow me everywhere I go and sacrifice being in class on time
because you're always waiting for me to finish at my locker.
Did I ever ask you to do this for me?
You have every single class with me
and at times, that can be a pain in the butt.
You try to impress me by telling me many lies
but that only makes me not trust you.
You and your big ears are relentlessly trying to get in my business,
even after I clearly told you to keep out.
Yet, I cannot deny, you can be a great company.
In my crappy days, you always find a way to make me smile
even if it is through a lie

With the fancy shoes and the six-pack,
I see the way you want me.
You cannot spend a day without psychically touching me
and looking at me without a bit of a smile across your face.
Did you really think that I did not see?
You bother me with every opportunity that you find,
you know exactly the way to tick me off..
yet, I let you. I let you do all this to me.
I let you fool with me and shove me in the snow.
I let you have your way with me
because you know, I know,
you have fallen for me...

It's fascinating to say,
the moment I realize that I do not give chances,
the moment I decide to no longer hide my heart,
is the moment guys everywhere reveal their feelings towards me
in the most awkward ways.
I do not know if this is normal
I do not care if this is unoriginal
but I am going to sit back and watch how far boys will go
to get a prudent girl like me.

This should be interesting...

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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