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Have To But Can'T Let Go.

Catch me im falling.
Watch me im drowning.
Listen to my voice can you hear my stutters?
Here my tears meet my eyes.
And I begin to doubt myself.
Wondering what you see will always remain a mystery.
I've wondered how i ever lived not knowing you because now i can't picture myself without you.
You've brought happiness but pain.
It seems like you have cut me like razors.
I'm bleeding but still living.
I don't know if i can let go without losing who I am too.
Your a mystery unpredictable but yet I know you so well.
I don't know your reactions and I can't describe you but I know you so well like a book.
You know me better than anyone else.
Your easy to talk to.
But all the things you do make me hate you,
But the thing I hate the most is that I don't hate you at all.
I will have to wait untill its my turn to let you know and this time i won't shy away but instead i will embrace it and be confident without caring if you feel the same.

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