Have You...

Have you ever had a feeling deep within your soul
That regardless of what you're doing, you're slowly losing control
All the comforts you once knew, are now seeming uncomfortable

Have you ever had a feeling touch deep within your heart
That your heart was hurting; you could feel its breaking start
All the bindings it once knew, are now coming apart

Have you ever had a thought that stayed constant in your head
Wishing that you could take back, all the hurtfull things you've said
All the smiles you once caused, now replaced by tears instead

Have you ever had a thought you did'nt want to say
Fearfull that no matter what, you would say it the wrong way
All the answers you once knew, are now questioned everyday

Have you ever had a wish you wished for every night
Wishing your wish on every star, until you wished it right
All the hopes you once had, are now appearing to be just out of sight

Have you ever wished a wish, that you wished it would come true
Just tonight, I wished a wish; a wish, I wished you knew
I wished, a wish asking God for a way to prove my love to you!

by Erin Simpson

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