Have You Changed?

Jesus Christ came to die upon a cross to Glorify His Father's name,
His strong desire to follow His Father's will truly never changed.

Once we are covered by His Blood, we should never be the same,
But many who profess to be Christians today never truly changed.

Unlike Christ, The Spotless Lamb, who always remained the same.
Sinners like you and I who come to Christ must experience a change.

Those of us, who choose not to change, but want to remain the same,
Do not Glorify The Father in Heaven, but fill the church with shame.

But if you're truly a Christian in whom The Holy Spirit does reside,
He will make a definite change one can see from your heart inside.

The Holy Sprit is the person in The Trinity, in whom Christ relied,
To make a change in Believers that can not and will not be denied.

So if you believe you can profess His Name and from the world hide,
Your profession is vein and empty and by Christ you will be denied.

There is no denying the fact that once you believe you shall change,
For even Peter, who denied The Lord, later became filled with shame.

But, after Peter was filled with The Spirit, he never was the same,
And when demanded to stop, he continued preaching about his change.

One reason many unbelievers today refuse to believe and also change,
May be that many who profess to believe continue to remain the same.

(Copyright © 11/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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