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Have You Checked Your Doorstep
ST ( / Scarborough, Ontario Canada)

Have You Checked Your Doorstep

Poem By Sara Turner

Lonely for you is what I've become,
A whole being only lacking my heart,
I left it sitting on your doorstep,
Waiting for you to arrive,
Oh so cold without my heart,
The furnace of my being,
But I gave it to you
To warm your life, ignite your love,
Buried deep inside, hiding from me,
Return to your home,
Then look around, listen to the silence,
See my heart at your door,
Please take it inside just for a while,
It's then you'll see,
When you're warm and your hearts on fire,
Replace it in me
And forever I will light your days
And feed your fire at night,
For the coldness leaves where love is found,
And loving in each other
will chase away the loneliness,
Trusting in each other
send away the doubts.

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