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Have You Ever?
MP (1061991 / Dominican Republic)

Have You Ever?

Have you ever lost your grip and fallen so low Becoming so lost with no place to grow Struggling in darkness to find your way Leaving behind the blistering shades of gray. Trusting no one not even yourself With The Courage To Heal gracing your shelf As the tears fall with the pain cutting deep Feeling him as you drift off to sleep. Placing my finger down my throat my only saving grace Living within this very painful dark place Hopeless and fearful of what I'm not Hating myself with all that I've got. Waking up screaming begging him to leave Needing who I was struggling to grieve Sitting here numb wanting to fade away Frozen in time back there is where I stay. As the road less traveled is my destination As I deal with and fight through this devastation Lost and buried way down deep within this confliction Fighting self hate and dark restriction. Tired of the endless dreadful fear That haunts my life through every tear There's a voice that whispers within my head Although I breathe I feel dead. Within this body mind and soul Lives a dark deep scary hole In desperate need of inspiring light My heart beats each day so I can fight.

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