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Have You Ever

have you ever liked someone
who did not like you
have you ever liked someone
who was unavailable
emotionally, physically, personally
why do we like the ones whom are unattainable

have you ever like someone
who wanted the things you do
have you ever liked some one
who liked you back but they were
not what you expected
why are they always different than we think

have you ever went to sleep
thinking about the one you love
have you ever went to sleep
happy because the chance of meeting
that person when you wake up
how happy are you when they say hello

I have, Although I may have been hurt
by those that were unavailable,
been disappointed by one who was allot different
I go to sleep happy think that maybe this time
will be the time,
there is always a risk involved that is what makes it fun

by Nikki Lynn Hays

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