(11-21-61 / Ripley, Tennessee)

Have You Ever?

Have you ever watched the Sun set at night?
My baby, have you ever seen it when it rises from the ocean up to the Sky?
Have you ever felt like you're in paradise?
I do, when I'm looking at you.
Have you ever seen the Sky so blue?
I do, when I'm dreaming of you.
I feel like I'm in Heaven it's true, When I think of you.
My darling, have you ever really looked around, watched the rain as it falls to the ground?
Have you ever stood on a cliff, and looked across the sea?
Have you ever had a dream, or a fantasy?
Have you ever watched a boat sail across the sea?
Have you ever really stopped, and thought about you, and me?
I think of you each passing day,
of how our loved ended in such a nice way.
For you I cry no more,
but I'll love you in my heart as I have so long before.

by Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

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