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Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

Poem By beautiful imperfection

Have you ever had this tingling in your wrists?
Where the only thing stopping you
from this stupid thing was a thousand fists,
shaking in your face telling you you're wrong,
yelling at you, screaming of your insanity,
not trying to, but still snuffing out your song?
Have you ever had the feeling where you knew everything was okay,
yet the sensation that something was wrong
darkened your entire day?
Have you ever tried so desperately to just be who you are,
yet felt so trapped by the people in this lonely world
as if trapped under a car?
Have you ever been so low that you didn't know what to do,
where everything you said or did,
and every thought you had only confused you?
Have you ever gone against those who expect so much of you?
Trying to prove yourself,
but disappointing them, and yourself, too?
Have you ever felt these feelings I can't seem to contain?
Have you ever spent all your time searching,
for a rainbow in the midst of rain?
Have you ever found yourself, only to be told it's fake?
Have you ever tried so hard to please,
that it was just too much to take?
Have you ever let someone control your life,
then when you gained your own control,
they pierced your heart like a knife?
Have you ever been manipulated in to always thinking you're wrong?
Have you ever begun to shine and sing,
only to be stopped in mid-song?
Have you ever had a sudden change in plans,
where someone was upset
'cause you didn't meet their every demand?
Have you ever felt so alone, yet so well-cared for?
Have you ever felt like you had the best friends in the world,
yet still wanted to shut them out and lock the door?
Have you ever been an emotional wreck?
Have you ever shut so many people out,
that it ended in another deck
to the face you've tried so hard to hold up, keeping confidence in its place?
Have you ever tried so hard,
yet still felt like you were losing the race?
Have you ever felt the way I feel right now?
Have you ever cried so much
that tears were falling down and you couldn't understand how
they could keep coming, drowning you with pain,
yet healing you, putting you together,
making you whole again?
Have you ever...felt this way?
Have you ever...had a bad day?
Have you ever...felt so gray?
Have you ever...known it would be okay?
Have you ever...sat down down to pray?
Have you ever...put trust in God that it would be okay?

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Comments (2)

Have you ever begun to shine and sing, only to be stopped in mid-song? Great lines.....and yes. I have. All you have to do is keep singing. Eventually you'll be heard.
Very gud.........touched............... Bye. Love n take care. Mahfooz.