HM (24/10/1993 / brisbane)

Damaged Goods

You held my hand in your hand
You held my lip in your teeth
You held my heart on your sleeve
But you held them away from me

You hoped for the worst
You got what you deserved
Leaning in to kiss your hopes instead of me
Holding on to them for dear life
Like letting go means you're gonna die

Those hopes you're still holding onto
Look an awful lot like doubt
They're turning into fear
But don't fear me now
Let go of them, I promise you won't die
Life always gets better when you promise a lie

These lies have never tasted so sweet
As when you taste them from me
But all lies, even mine, will never be true
I held your hand in my hand
I held your lip in my teeth
I held your heart on my sleeve
And they're all staying with me

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Short, but definatly sweet.