Have You Ever Felt That You Cannot Go On

Have you ever felt that you cannot go on
The tough times are with you and your better days gone
Your crosses in life for you heavy to bear
And so sad to think your type have never been rare
With a wife and three children to keep in the poor side of town
And the factory you worked in of late did close it's business down
Trying to make ends meet on welfare with big bills to pay
That life is not meant to be easy applies to you anyway
For those out of work from the poor side of town jobs are so hard to find
Human Society to life's battlers has never been kind
But for the sake of your wife and your children you must hang in there
Though your stresses and worries for you heavy to bear
Until you find a job with a good take home pay
Hope does spring eternal as some are known to say.

by Francis Duggan

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