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Have You Ever Felt?
CA (1990- / New York)

Have You Ever Felt?

Have you ever felt,
like you don't belong,
Have you ever felt,
like you don't exisit.
You pick up the phone to call a friend.
And then realize, that there is no one close enough to you for you to call,
just to talk?
Have you ever felt,
like everyone hated you,
like because you look a certain way,
you just don't fit in?
Want to know my answers?
Yes to all the above.
Everyday of my life,
there's no stopping it.
It's just how i was born.

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Comments (2)

Well, I for one can answer yes, yes, and yes to your questions Carly. Of course you are not alone in these feelings. I've felt this way as an adult too. I think it's a hard life especially if you don't build a support system of people close to you. I still have trouble with this. (I just don't trust people) Take care, it does get easier! Sincerely, Mary
What can I say, Carly, except that you've got problems... not the least of which is that you're fifteen years old. Don't worry, you won't be fifteen forever - I guarantee it!