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Have You Ever Seen An Angel?

Have you ever seen an angel?
without their wings, made of feathers
covered with a smooth skin like no others
and a smile that will make your heart beats faster..

Have you ever seen an angel?
Walk in front of you and u'll feels like suffer
when you know she's available yet untouchable,
just because you and her from a different level

Have you ever seen an angel?
with shimmering eyes like marbles.
suddenly you will feels the time goes slower
hoping the moment will last forever

Have you ever seen an angel?
surrounded by the crowd but your eyes can't lose her
for a moment you thought you was already die
coz' it feels like heaven just by seeing her smile..

Have you ever seen an angel.......?

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once... she told me to be ready when she came back. i hope she comes when i'm still young & ready to try. not when i'm a 100 yrs old, in the shower. i hope she comes today, while my wife is gone, and give me heaven here on Earth. good read... Poet.