Have You In Your Moments Of Self Reflection

Have you in your moments of self reflection of your worth as a person do doubt
And feel your life for you is leading to nowhere and you are down though not yet quite out
But your will to live keeps you on going in hopes of better times of you ahead
And hope is only for the living it does not apply to the dead

You feel the whole World is against you that you are one without a friend
And at times you feel quite suicidal and think of bringing your life to an end
But the fear of death is a real fear one reason you wish to live on
And you do retain some hope for the future that the worst days in your life for you have gone

For many years you have been battling your deep and dark moods of despair
And you realize there is no point to others complaining that life to you it is unfair
You know they would not wish to hear of your troubles or care if your sorrows have grown
They only observe the unwritten commandment in life it is each to their own

There are so many like you in life who are struggling for to cope
Who for better times in the future can only live in hope
Life can be so lonely for one financially and mentally down
Yet there are many like you on your side of the town.

by Francis Duggan

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