Have You Known

Have you known the weight of depression and you often feel alone
And to smile to you seems harder than drawing blood out of a stone
And you feel you've reached the very point at the brink of despair
And your so called friends don't wish to know you and nobody seems to care?

That of late you feel quite lonely and depression you have known
They don't offer you any comfort say we've got problems of our own
The great gift of compassion something your mates do not seem to know
And if empathy is not in one empathy one cannot show.

Have you known the gift of happiness that only lasted for awhile
And though the day was dull and rainy you found it easy to smile
And the World was smiling with you people smiled and said good day
Though such joy to you seem fleeting and is quick to fade away.

Some say life is what you make of it and take your good days with the bad
And we ought to count our blessings for them we ought to feel glad
But words to some come easy and for them we don't have to pay
And how others should feel their feelings should not be for us to say

Have you known the sheer despondency that emptiness can bring
And the happy lilt of laughter to you to it has a jarring ring
And you sit there in your lounge room so despondent and alone
And to smile to you seems harder than drawing blood out of a stone? .

by Francis Duggan

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