Have You Prepared

Translated by Yiyan HAN (c)

Have you prepared
Quite often, the honourable is shamefully isolated
And the sincere cunningly attacked

Have you prepared
For many years, the truth have been purposely libelled
And the justice brutally tortured

It's likely that, in the future
The kindness will still be cruelly trodden down
And the truth even more seriously wounded

When seeking and defending the truth
Always there's danger, even the loss of one's head
Have you prepared? Whenever ready, come and follow me

by Feipeng Shang

Comments (2)

In this world full of lies the truth can be hard to find and to stand up for what we know is the truth can be dangerous as evil seeps into every crevice of weakness that is within us all as fear conquers integrity! Brilliant write!
There are many layers of meaning in these verses and I feel that you welcome the reader to delve into as many meanings as we can find... if we would at last stand up and be counted on the side of good and opposed to evil in whatever form we find it. I am growing into more and more a fan the more and more I read your work. 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++