Have You Really Ever Understood Yourself?

Poem By Janice M Pickett

Life is a journey of lessons
But we get lost in recess
on the way
Homework forgotten and neglected
far too much time
spent in play

We became followers and shirkers
Too lazy to put effort in
Where we could have made ourselves
We just struggled with no depth within

Religion was made for the lazy
the ones who lost touch long ago
The Bible a book packed with lessons
that most of the world didn't know

A misunderstood work used in error
Wars caused through Man's ignorance
of the word
Left a world struggling in terror
long buried truth never heard

Religion was born out of fears
a lost time with nothing to hold
superstition was ripe and compelling
It caused man to become violent and bold

The truth is that man is but spirit
here on this earth as his school
a place where trial an error
have made religion the work of a fool

Spirit was given a place here
to have faith in a God it can trust
Believing in him is the answer
accepting this fact is a must

We need to get rid of religions
Cults that man now seeks for power
get back to the truth in our system
for this is the time and the hour

We have a mind so amazing
we can be anything that we think
without superstition and religion
our spirit fills with wisdom to the brink

Nothing holds back a true spirit
No religion or cult formed by man
Control by those people not Gods will
Certainly was not part of God's plan

Within us we hold all the power
That was given to us for our own
We just have to think it to receive it
The power of this not well known

Man may never learn his lessons
and have to return over again
but during the time of his schooling
he will have to start using his brain.

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