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Have You Seen Her Here Before
(February 26,1982 / Lawrence, KS)

Have You Seen Her Here Before

Poem By Danny Speicher

Have you seen her here before
The one I am seeking after
Has she passed by here lately
With her beauty and her laughter
I have lost her once again
The girl that I have sought
Have you seen her lately
Found her, I have not
The girl I've been seeking
Has a sweet smile and charm
Her heart is for Jesus
And would never do me harm
I've chased her once or twice
So sure that it is her
Yet, when she turns and looks at me
I never am so sure
Or, sometimes she will run
And never turn around
And how would I ever know
That she isn't the one to be found
Too weak and weary to run
After someone who doesn't care
About my heart or feelings
That simply wouldn't be fair
But, have you seen her around here before
The one that I seek to find
Because my heart is growing hard
And love is going blind

((December 10th,2000))

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