Have You Seen My Love?

All my life I looked for you,
searching the faces of people as they pass
asking strangers if they've seen you somewhere
Some just looked blankly or stared
others knew you but knew not where you hid
among the wretched I tarried so long
there were so many who had seen you there
said you'd held their hand for a time and given them hope
and some love they could share
the wind said ' follow me' but I couldn't fly
I was giving up hope I was starting to cry
The world was saying there was no place for me
Where are you my love
are you in the sea?
This world is evil this world is decayed
where is the king?
why was he betrayed?
please come back my love
that your people might wake
from a sleep so deep
that only you can shake
lift this curse on our world
open our eyes
open our hearts and our ears and our minds
let them call out your name and rejoice in your sight
as you fill them with true love and your purest of light
Let the trumpets blow and the eagles take flight
and the love of your children be a source of delight

by Angela McBride

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