Haven'T Cried Tears Enough

Been so very damn long or so I think it feels
Since I last kissed your lips when a heart reveals
That the moment of us was over and so very turned
Back against me in this world now abruptly upturned

I miss so much about you, you have no single idea
I want you back and I’d treat you with such revere
Before I have to face this very ugly lonesome soul
That eats away at me almost swallowing me whole

I always felt you were so perfect in my own eyes
Now all they do is shed such tears that in reprise
As I can’t find a way to rid me of this breaking
So I spend many an night alone and forever crying

I guess I deserved some of this for how I was
Blaming everyting and another for that I am because
I was someone who couldn’t see the error of my way
Well please feel me now as I’ve learn’t this day

But I guess you see me as weak and forever so low
But how much can a man take before realising the blow
Of all the mistakes I made and the awful things I said
Wishing you to see what I am forever now instead

This agaony chokes me more than I can so reveal
I guess none of these circumstances were ever ideal
But what the hell is circumstance if we change this
And knowing I can remove myself from enduring duress

I have been rid of whatever arrogance I had left
Sure enough I have exposed my heart so very bereft
Of anything I could call to defend myself like this
After realising what I had was an eternal form of bliss

They say I should turn my back and forget about you
Now how the hell can I do that when I saw in you true
Of my heart that bleeds even now for your kiss and hold
When your arms are around me and I feel love untold

by Vision Ghost

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God bless you! Nice to read!