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Having A Little Fun....
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

Having A Little Fun....

Sometimes I lay on my bed and I get to thinkin about you
And how you sing the sweet sonnet of the body erotic
Sometimes I see you and have instict to grab you by your arms and kiss you
I wanna throw you on my bed and show you things no other man can ever do
I wanna take your legs and spread them 180 degrees from each other
I wanna slide into you while you bite your lips for your perfect lover
I wanna take the juices that secret from you and bottle them up for their taste
And the powerful scent that comes from below your waist is one you can't replace
I want to take the make like a giant in a dollhouse and fit the tight space you have
But make like elastic and stretch it out by moving in and out till you can't stand
I want to make you quiver and your knees to buckle from the feeling you get
I want to get into your pool, and don't be mistaken. I came to get wet
I want to mix our bodies and minds in the act that feels simply divine
I want to be inside you until you can't take anymore and tell me to stop
Believe me the assault is the same wether it's on the bottom or the top
I wanna make a film with you that's rated triple x and unshowable in a ciniplex.
All I'm really saying is.... We should have s ex

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