AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Having A Spat

I remember the day, we both had
a spat and both of us, wanted, to
leave it at that! It wasn't really the
right thing to do, for any disputes,
has to be, worked through! It's not
in your best interest, to leave them
there, or trying to forget, them too,
they never, go away by themselves
and eventually do damage, to you!
You have to make time, to have a
talk, instead of going around and
squawk, as this is the only way, to
handle a dispute. It doesn't do you
any good, by walking around, like
a deaf mute! Remember, there
is no right, or wrong, for we all have
our own perspective, the question
being, where do we belong? It's
never healthy to stay angry, you
have to settle spats, by not letting
them stay. Once you get to that
plateau, all will be forgotten and it
becomes easier, to shoo them,

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