Having An Affair With A Married Man

Hush I have a confession to make...
I'm having an affair with a married man
before you say anything...
Let me tell you
I love him
And I'm sure he loves me too
Wait, wait before you say anything
Before You say I'm a home wrecker
Before you call me a whore
Slut/ bitch
Let me tell you
What we have is true and real
Better yet you asking yourself
How can it be true love?
Daa he has a wife
And there's no way in hell he's gonna leave his wife for you
I'm sure you saying
You just his whore
His distraction
His something on the side
Let me tell you this
I ain't all of that
As hard as it is to believe
This guy has never touched me
Not even once has he suggested to get under my panties
Or even tried getting under my panties
Yes we might steal a few kisses
But he never goes that far
I'm sure you probably saying
Its because of the love he has for his wife
That he can never take it beyond that point
However let me tell you
When he looks at me
He sees a woman of value
A woman worthy of love and respect
He just doesn't see another young woman who can be bought with money, nice cars, expensive trips, expensive hotels, expensive shoes and clothes
So jaa I'm having an affair with a married man
A rich married man
A man who has feelings for woman
A man who turned on by beautiful and attractive woman
So jaa I'm in love with a married woman
And he loves me for me
Unlike all the guys I have dated
He doesn't lust after me
He's not in love with my cute and sexy slender body
He's in love with the inner me
In love with my true self
He enjoys being in my presence
Just sitting next to me
And doing absolutely nothing
He enjoys holding my hand
And looking into my eyes
And listening to me
As I talk about all the crazy things
Then afterwards turn and tell me how much he loves me
I'm inlove with a married man
Pity he aint mine
And as much as I love him
I had to let him go...

Vangile Mtyali

by Vangile Mtyali

Comments (2)

Read and reread it several times. Pain love and truth. And a some futility Thanks for sharing
love and love, I like it. Thanks.