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Having Been Destroyed In The Womb

No chance Ella’s grey hair
ever can be covered with dye
nor love be found
at 52.
One date after the other.
Suddenly her gums became infected
the left side of her face blown up
and then she called me
desperate to know
how to proceed
someone had gotten her
social security number
ordered a $1,300 piece of furniture
and three credit cards in her name.
Her parents in Florida begging
Ella to join them
an only child now
the son killed in a car accident at 17.
Her friend Sarah told me, “Must be something wrong
with her. A pretty woman
but men run from her. I want to help
but don’t know how.”
Ella called my sister saying how lonely
she felt, that Sunday morning, so
my sister invited her for coffee
at the bagel place.
Silence, finally
Ella bursting into tears
saying, “Thank you, thank you.”
Six billion souls
and the Buddha’s truth hard to swallow
the years of meditation not enough
suffering in every breath
until a ton of earth
suffocates the pain.

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Kinda sounds like my life...(all the men seem to run away), but I do hope at 52, I will not be submerged in so much loneliness. I see this character as a person who is just trying to have the life they had wanted, and life sucks the percentage of that opportunity each day. Very sad, but brings light in the happiness a simple gesture can bring.
Sometimes life challenges belief reality overwhelming faith or hope at least for a moment leaving only a taste of ashes. A fine poem exploring the underbelly of belief.
This is beautifully written, read itself down the page, so smooth. I loved the end 'until a ton of earth suffocates the pain' Wish i had written that! Kindest Regards Slim. x.
leaves me speechless, Charles. That last line...
A sad tale...with an ending that tears away the veil of suffering. perhaps death is the answer to the problem of life...enlightenment a farce here on Earth, in these bodies.
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