True Friendship

Poem By William S. Tsoukalas, Sr.

To talk of the northeast of India is to talk of the indigeous,
Indigeneous people and indigenous culture,
Tribal and aboriginal
With a diversity,
Variations in climate, weather, geographical conditions,
Manner, costume, living and food-habit,
But something as invisible source synthesizing it all.

An assemblage of the Austro-Asiatics mainly in the beginning,
Later on followed by the Tibeto-Burmese
And the the Indo-Aryans,
It is a land of the seven sister states,
Arunachal, Assam, Manipur,
Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagalnd,
Tripura and Sikkim,
Abounding in jungles and mountainous ranges,
One of ethnic varieties and so many dialects.

It does not matter whether they write in English or not,
Whether they have got the colonial space or the post-colonial,
But to know it,
How the bio-diversity is saved from extinction,
How the forest reserves and natural habitats,
How to save the linguistic varieties and variations,
How the folklore and the folk traditions of it!

To turn to the northeast is to turn to
China, Tibet, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand
For literature and references,
Maritime and navigation histories,
Hunters and their hunting,
A description of exotic flora and fauna,
The unexplored Far East taking to.

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