Money isn't 'everything' you know?

'Ooooohhh mon ami,
Big dummy you!

YOUR money may not be 'everything'.
Or not nearly what it use to be.
SOMEWHERE someone is spending it,
Caring less about your limitation.
Or who has good or bad or indifferent credit.
And they have yet to accept greed as a motive,
To live a happy life! '

I am not referring to foreigners,
I am talking about us...
Living today in 'this' country.

I see.
So you've already adopted,
That 'Having-Less-Is-More' attitude?
Good for you.
You make me proud.
But as for me...
Give me a ten dollar bill anytime.
Even a five dollar bill,
Seems less than a dollar these days.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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