Traveler Tale

I was just a traveler
Eager to find a world of wisdom
Where I can rest my chest in the soft lane
Then I can burry my dream up on sky

Come from nowhere, you - bearing a smile
Handed me a nice coat and offering a hand
I was at all feel overwhelmed
The light in your mind like a charm

You looking for a plain princess
That lives on your bright color dream
The mist had trick your eyes
And lead you to the witch instead

Had not I told you, I’m the traveler
Too heavy to carry your robe
Had not I show you, in the sun
The real face behind my worn out mask

It’s your peace castle I concern,
And your heavenly manner you draw on me
Your startled look invited me
To chilled my fate at last

I enter your mind and soul
Through window the chatter sound met
I was not granted by hostility of your grand-life
Yet I want to step aside, I barely move

You give me velvet sky and the world-show
At time you know I was dying for the air
You give me no word of affection
When all I can do just hovering in silent

I gaze forlornly over the time
Your glittered bracelet hurt like a handcuff on me
Will I ever packed my tears
When I dance with night and fears alone

May I fly to the sky and meet my fantasy
Riding over the hills and dive through the sea
Finding my own-someone to belong & beloved
Holding him through my grieve & sorrow

But to you the future is clear
Nothing should miss-place to replace
And for me the uncertainty is eternity
Would never passed those gates again

I had sold my fate for a grace
Which I spent by knowing it endless
Nowhere but a step at your side
So here the tale end to continue

by Niken Kusuma Wardani

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Saigyo portrayed nature and the universe as he saw them, peering out through the window of his hut or sitting on a rock in front of his door..