Having The Best

Having the best may mean,
Having less than someone else.
Or having more to digest!
Leaving many despondent,
And overwhelmed by despair.
Since comparisons between others,
Keeps that suggested everywhere!

'I am going to have the best! '
Many publicly announce...
As if they have entered a contest.
Or their point of view is being tested.

One's quality of life is at its best,
When one experiences good health.
And has happiness.
With a freedom felt no one expects,
Is not on credit.
Or anticipating a loan one waits to get...
To stretch and compensate,
Before depression arrives at Sunset.

Having the best may mean,
Being away from others...
Who have nothing to express but regret.
For not having 'things' in their lives that sparkle,
To impress and widen another's eyes.
Especially someone new,
One has just met.
And not getting a bit of sleep at night...
Thinking of different ways to disguise,
Excuses and alibis from deceit and familiar lies!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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