Having The Nerve To Excuse Thoughtlessness

When something treasured is given.
And it is disrespected and given back...
Do not expect warm greetings to flow,
From the one who felt slighted by that!
Children, perhaps...
Can be excused for this lapse.
Those who wear grown up clothes,
Are 'suppose' to use far more tact!
And when they don't...
They are the first to pretend,
They don't know 'why' or 'what'
Has happened to them.
Proving by their actions...
They are as self centered as children.
Getting what they deserve.
And having the nerve to excuse thoughtlessness.
One mature would not accept this to dismiss.
Being an adult can be a painful process...
Especially when the playground,
Has been abandoned...
By those no longer seeking,
Childish games at recess!
There is a seriousness of life that develops...
That one should achieve to aspire and expect!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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