Having Their Feathers Plucked

The only ones seen steaming these days,
Are those having their feathers plucked publicly.
To know an achievement of displayed superficiality,
With a 'peacocking' perceived to do to flaunt it...
As an accomplishment to get them attention,
Has left many awakening from a sleep to witness...
Benefits to them are not forthcoming to get.
Not from the ones who only want it known to be done,
How they can charade an imitatiing of a shallowness.
A shallowness no one regards today,
As a representation of a quality of life...
Few dream to wish to live without meaning or purpose.
Not too many today can say they seek,
A masquerading of reality to live deluded lives...
Without substance or truth involved with others to gain,
Respect. integrity and detected sincerity.
All that other puffed up fluffed stuff has been outdated.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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