Having Wealth

Having wealth has proven,
There are some things to value...
Some will never be able to buy.
Regardless of the price.
Or whatever is offered.

Common sense?
There is something about this that says,
To those recognizing it:
"I'm here for you.
Call me.
Call me when you're feeling sad and lonely."

So much can be said about its absence.
People who can afford,
Getting into Ivy League and prestigious colleges...
No matter how they do it.
Have discovered,
Intelligence to have it...
Is a blessing.
And is not sold on Rodeo Drive.
Or 5th Avenue.

This to have along with incentive,
Motivation, dedication, discipline...
Thoughtfulness, respect and insight.
This quality will be rare to discover,
Anyone with wealth obtained not earned...
Is not going to know how to spell competence.
It is just not going to happen.

One's mental and physical health.
Everyone should prioritize,
As their most valued possession to have.
And not consciously destroy.
We all have our cravings and habits.
Remaining thankful not to be crazed these days,
Requires finding time to exercise.
Something done on a regular basis.

There is nothing wrong with having riches.
Or abundance of wealth,
To exploit it and flaunt.
There are those who have wealth, prestige.
And architects of symbols and images.
But can make some of the dumbest decisions.
To have squirrels stop cracking their nuts.
Staring in disbelief.

Many of these folks,
Could not have possibly earn their money legally.
And they buy their way,
Into prominent positions.
Without a clue how to tie their own shoes.
But sit somewhere creating confusion.
And conflict.
Followed by adoring people,
Assuming in their deluded states of denial...
That riches and wealth and fame to achieve,
Automatically makes one...
A genius at everything.
And not those who have chosen,
To publicly display...
The arrogance of their demented egos.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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