(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Having You

Flamingo, Swallow, Swan, Vulture and Water Hen;
Notable enough to keep you at bay!
But, my life and style will keep you awake.

Banana Republic, Cassava Republic, Plantain Republic and Mango Republic;
With the muse of my sweet mind in Africa! !
Able to touch your hearts out there in the world.

Woodpecker, albatross, bat, kite and ostrich;
Sparkling enough to fly you up high!
Meeting the the tunnel to the front door of your sweet love.

Oral laws! !
Life is so hard when you have no helper;
Going along with my mind.

Poverty and hunger,
And to cry in your grave;
Poverty and economic inequalities on earth.

Kite, raven, crow and ostrich!
Seen all around with the muse of nature;
Able to respect my identity as an African.

Having you was the best part of my life;
And to gratify the whims of my openness.

Skin colours!
With the muse of the colours of nature;
I am a citizen of the law.

Traditions and cultures,
Summarised with the muse of life on earth;
And to identify myself to the world.

The colours of the rainbow!
Concrete from a realm and, to identify the ways of the universe;
But, this world is round like a ball.

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