Just A Wink Of An Eye

Last night I saw you
On the waterfront
You glanced at me
And I looked your way!

Our eyes locked together
And your eyes shifted colors
As they caught the light
Installed at the waterfront!

Though your alluring lips
Were sealed
Yet those lovely eyes spoke
A thousand words...!

The night was perfect
With star studded sky
You winked at me
And snatched my heart right away!

It was a wonderful moment
Our hearts craved for a kiss
With the bliss
Everything happened
In just a wink of an eye!

You were utterly crazy
Your glance made me crazy
We were both swept away
By this undefined ecstasy
In just a wink of an eye!

We soared the inevitable
We could not resist
The high tides of emotion
It knocked us down
To the very end!

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

by Rose Marie Juan Austin

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Comments (2)

Thanks for the elevated opinion, Todd, but it's just me being cynical. Hawks (or this one, anyway) only eat the heads of their victims, leaving yours truly to clean up the little corpses before the dogs get to them. Oh for life in the country.
Could this also be a question of nature versus nuture? (see Claude Levi-Strauss's 'The Raw and Cooked'...... Such pedantry aside, this poem evokes in me a feeling of mystery or the uncanny that I sometimes get when I contemplate nautre. Thanks for sharing.