HB (2/24/1932 / Houghton Lake, Michigan)

Haying Time


She works in the hayfield all the day long,
raking and baling and singing her song,
her cattle need feed on a cold winter day,
that is why she works so hard, just making hay,
she makes some square bales, some she makes round,
still she keeps on singing her workaday song,
when summer is over and haying is done,
they will have a party, and celebrate some,
the hay is all stacked, in the loft in the barn,
to feed the livestock out there on the farm,
when the ground is all white, with new fallen snow,
she will spread out the hay to the cattle below,
soft lowing sounds from the cattle are sent,
her time in the fields, was time very well spent,
the cattle are comfy and very well fed,
she finishes her chores, then off to bed.

written by Harry Bryant
7/20/04 0: 06: 58 �
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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Well said! She sounds like a keeper.