Do Not Forget Me

Please do not forget me
I could live with anything
But not you forgetting me
Cos in your heart there I would rather be
Always and forever.
Even if the world don't remember me
Please remind them who I am
Even if they call you crazy
And say things that makes you question
If such a person like me did exist
Please do not fall to their reason
For in your heart I would always be.
If time attempts to fade old memories
Do not let it take the ones of me with it
I know what I ask of you seems difficult
But know for you I'll do the same
I'll let memories of you build castles and bridges
That will take me to you when am alone and lonely
And you far away from me.
I don't want to be just another who lived
I want to live on within you
I want to grow old with you
Sharing every precious time and moment with you
Even when am long gone
So please do not forget me
I could live with anything but not you forgetting me.

by Kelly Iyogun

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