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I’m feeling slightly lazy,
And not a little hazy,
I should be getting on,
And doing things,
But I really can’t be bothered,
With the tedium I’m offered,
And I’m happy to be doing,
My own thing.

I can’t be bothered talking,
And I tried my hand at walking,
But I met so many people,
On the way,
And they spoke about the weather,
The latest on Big Brother,
Excuses made,
I make my getaway.

I’m happy in seclusion,
Unwelcome, their intrusion,
I need to be alone,
Just for today,
So I’m home alone, contented,
Watch a movie that I’ve rented,
And the company can wait,
Another day.

Tomorrow will be brighter,
My spirit will be lighter,
I’ll be happy just to listen,
To their woes,
In the meantime I’ll aspire,
To get a little higher,
But I’m lazy and I’m hazy,
And it shows.

by Linda Harnett

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